Internet Marketing

A brand “name” alone is no longer enough to attract new customers while maintaining the current following of loyal purchasers. It has become necessary to “engage your customers”. Allowing customers and potential partners define your products and services is the new path to success. With open sharing of information on a global scale, companies are being forced to become transparent to the public and open their doors to (potential) customers in a brand new, and often disconcerting, way.

Internet Black Hole

Organizations that are unwilling, or unable, to successfully “engage” their customers are being forced to learn how quickly, or be doomed to follow the downward spiral into the Internet “black hole.” Wynnefields Creative can lead your company through the online maze of this new style of marketing to teach your organization how to define an Internet Marketing strategy and succeed in this new open environment of information collecting and sharing.

Weblogs and social networking on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others are creating new markets for businesses to capitalize and interact directly with tech-savy customers.